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Professional Profile

​Award-winning business journalist and media strategist with over 20 years of experience, including eight years in Europe. Results-driven strategic policy communications, crisis management and public affairs. Expertise in technology, finance, real estate and international policy. Skilled leader and mentor of diverse teams. Large network of international journalists. Impressive track record of high-impact campaigns and earned media that drive key conversations and shape ideas. Dynamic public speaker. Fluent in French.

As a journalist, I have dealt with thousands of PR and media relations professionals. Only a tiny fraction are effective. The majority of their emails are deleted, unread. Their calls never returned. My experience sets me apart because I know how journalists think, talk and what they need — before they need it. I know exactly how to pitch stories, shape coverage and ride a news arc. Additionally, my proficiency in French is an asset in reaching and engaging global audiences. My work has significantly:

  • Protected brands

  • Changed behaviors and opinions

  • Increased subscriptions

  • Influenced legislators and regulators

  • Increased earned media

  • Built relationships with stakeholders and top-tier media

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